Products from ZTE or Huawei

There is a reason why these companies don't have a significant presence in the US. I have not read anything good about support from either of these companies, and if I read something, it is getting stuff out of the data center, and replacing it with Dell, HP, even Cisco.

IMHO, where there is smoke, there is fire. If I read only negative reviews about a maker, and I have production critical stuff, I'm not going to take risks on infrastructure, even if they are cheaper.

Huawei has done some (to me, that is) shady things. The most notable is how they have become hostile to the mods/ROM community, by doing things like not providing bootloader unlocks. Even with a Samsung phone, if I buy an Exynos and not a Snapdragon model, a bootloader unlock is quite easy. Customer hostile moves like this are not encouraging the tech people to buy their stuff.

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