PSA: Don’t watch the Dave Chapelle special on Netflix.

Okay so maybe I misread it about a choice or no choice, but anyway, that doesn't change anything really. You are still talking like we're animals. Some imaginary "point of no return" and like you know enough about being an addict to determine that we all must be these subhuman wretches that are just so used up that there is zero worth or hope in us living?? That dying is better than any "potential net gains" or whatever you said?? That we can "fry our ability to feel happiness"?? I can feel happy, I can feel everything any other person can feel. Nothing you said is true. I used drugs for a decade and in my current sobriety spell have 2 years clean. And while active and now while not, I am still a complete woman with a life that is worth it. You just look down on me so much that you can detach yourself and view my existence as nothing more than a cost/benefit analysis. I really do not understand why you are so cold hearted. You should try being more emotional, obviously your fixation on logic and reasoning has left you as someone full of disdain for anyone else and likely incapable of feeling real connection to others.

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