Psilocybin for major depression granted Breakthrough Therapy by FDA

This is what's very frustrating about using cannabis to manage my anxiety, depression and PTSD. I've tried traditional SSRI/SNRI medications and therapy to treat my mental illnesses but all it ever did was give me terrible side effects with minimal and even with some medications detrimental effects on my mental health. With cannabis however it's not even that it makes me happy, it's simply the feeling of being ok, being able to go about my day, and just a general better acceptance of being me. If the drug I was able to get this effect from was called Prozac or Zoloft wouldn't we classify that as a major success? Cannabis is never going to cure my mental illnesses but it certainly makes them much more manageable for me and allows me to live a higher quality of life. Unfortunately I'm looking at the prospect of having to quit for a full year for a job I just accepted and the thought of going back to SSRIs when I've found the thing that works for me just so I can piss clean is extremely depressing. I'm working really hard in therapy but like you said it's just not enough for me to resolve without medication in some form.

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