PURORESU: A look into Japanese Professional Wrestling [Story Time in Comments]

Yes I’m the cat food guy.

So I got to go to Japan this past February for about ten days. Even made a post trying to find out where I could watch RAW (That many of you shit on (Which by the way I still got to watch it on TV)) and decided that it was a great opportunity to explore places which involve my favorite, and your favorite, past-time hobby, Pro Wrestling.

I make videos. This is one of them. It’s a semi-chronological order of places and things I did whilst in my time overseas. Let me tell you, everything is a nook and cranny in Japanland. If you wanna find something you gotta know exactly where to look if you want to get to it.

So first up I went to the NJPW store. It’s this tiny store on the second floor. On the way up you gotta go though these little steps in a little hallway with a low ceiling. It may be that I’m 6 foot, but man it was cramped to get in there. Cool thing was, on the walls leading towards the store, were signatures by various people and wrestlers. Once inside I got to take a look around, look at muriel, buy a Bullet Club T-Shirt, talk to some folks and finally walk back out. It was pretty cool.

Next in the video is the infamous Ribera Steak shop. Dude, I’m from Texas. I know steak. These dudes know how to make steak, too. Immediately as I walk in my senses are hit with amazing smells and old time country music playing. The place is covered in History. Every Wrestler you might know would have come to this little place. The restaurant sits maybe 25 - 30 people. There are pictures everywhere. Outside, inside, on the walls, on the ceiling, in the back. People were really nice.

Following that was the Tokyo Dome. Not much footage of the Dome seeing as how you couldn’t get inside. Theres a thing called Tokyo Dome City surrounding it. It’s a theme park and you can ride rides and eat candy. I liked it.

Finally, the good part, the best part, was Drop Kick Bar. I went on a Tuesday night. You gotta take a tiny elevator that yells at you to the 8th floor. Once there, I had the time of my life. Talked to DDT Wrestlers, such as Akito in the video, and Mic, the timekeeper. Through broken english, broken japanese, and google translate, we shared stories and bonded like amazing friends. The people in the bar were super helpful as well. I named dropped some Japanese wrestlers I liked, such as Tiger-Mask and Kenny Omega. Akito told me stories about Kenny, about El Generico, amongst many others. I had such a great time with everyone there. Got super drunk off of Whiskey as well.

Eventually I made my way to watch a DDT event that Saturday. Bigger elevator, 7th floor. Dude, watching wrestling as the only foreigner was an amazing experience. Strong Style, dude. Like. Dude. That shit hurt me and I wasn’t taking chops or clotheslines. The show was very comedic, you all would have hated it. The Wrestling was so on point. It has to be, it’s too intimate not to be snug and on point. It’s very quiet too. You could hear the cameras shutter going off. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to video the event. I was a guest, so I wasn’t going to be disrespectful about it either. Amazing show though.

I guess thats it about the video. If you have any questions, come at me.

TL:DR I left America as a man, I returned as a Sumo Champion.

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