Putin’s Russia Warns US & NATO Over Ukraine, Says ‘Everyone Will Be Turned Into Radioactive Ash’

"If Ukraine ever joins Nato or if Nato develops military infrastructure there, we will hold a gun [pistol barrel] to America's head. We have the military capability.

"Russia has the best weapons in the world - hypersonic ones. They'd reach America as fast as US or British weapons could reach Moscow from Ukraine. It would be the Cuban missile crisis all over again, but with a shorter flight time for the missiles."

"Is Russia prepared to use force to defend its red lines?" I ask Mr Kiselev.

"One hundred percent, because for Russia this is a question of life or death."

"But Russia is dictating to its neighbours," I continue. "You're saying that Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, all former Soviet republics can't have anything to do with Nato?"

"Countries are either lucky or they're unlucky to be next to Russia. That's the historical reality. They can't change that. It's the same as Mexico. It's either lucky or not to be close to America," Mr Kiselev says.

"It would be good to harmonise our interests and not put Russia in a position where missiles could reach us in four minutes," he adds. "Russia is ready to create a comparable, analogous threat, by deploying its weapons close to decision-making centres. But we are suggesting a way of avoiding this, of not creating threats. Otherwise, everyone will be turned into radioactive ash."

src: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-59730522

If anyone was under any illusions as to why the Russians developed hypersonic weapons in an area of good relations with the US under the Trump admin, that should wake you up. They developed the weapons, felt it gave them the upper hand, then began taking back former territory all the while claiming any that oppose them are being dangerously antagonistic and tempting the possibility that their actions could plunge the entire world into nuclear winter for daring to opposing them.

This is why it is dangerous to have people in power for too long, imo. They start getting this overly confident belief that since they have survived for so long, they must logically be smarter than everyine else and thus invincable. The guy that mentions holding a gun to the US's head (and by extension the UK and Europe) said what he did in full confidence that he was right in doing so and would be supoorted by Putin, which he continually is.

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