Forcing yourself to improve, is it possible?

what i think you should try doing is

- try forcing yourself to eat at least 3 times a day you will feel less fatigue in return

- try fixing your sleeping schedule so your well rested

- quit social media for a certain period of time so you can stop comparing yourself to others

- cleaning your room trust me cleaning your room can do a lot for your mental health

- reach out to your friends and you'll probably find out life aint really as bad as you think

- take care of yourself whenever you go out try to look your best so you can increase your self confidence

- find a form of self expression writing , music etc

Trust what im saying im a guy and ive been exactly through all this. these are the things that helped me dont know if it will help you but im just putting it out there.

Its gonna be hard but just take it a day at a time

the last thing is your going to college are you really doing what you want to do or are you just there because people told you you should be there? just some food for thought.

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