Question about starting to lose weight

Hey I saw your post about losing weight on fitness and thought I'd give you some advice. I myself have lost 25lbs so far (215-189) and while I'm no success story it's been a learning process for me even though I've worked out and played sports throughout highschool and college. So here are some things I wish I knew before.

When you start losing weight you will almost immediately drop about 5lbs. Then you will lose a lb - 2lbs a day until your down to about 10 lbs total. Eventually though you will bottom out that initial loss and inevitably get discouraged. So when you hear "its typical to lose 1-3lbs a week" that's where this comes in.

Fats are good, sugar is bad. You need fats. Animal fats, fats from nuts, ect, but in moderation. Eating high fat low carb is not good for you either (see ketoacidosis). Sugar is the worst thing for you. The only source of sugar you should get is from fruit and carbs. With that being said some foods turn into sugar in your body like anything that in in "ctose" so fructose (high fructose corn syrup) and lactose (milk :/).

Another food that can turn into sugar is carbohydrates. Your body uses carbs for energy but part of it breaks down into sugar. If your body is using carbs for energy it doesn't need to use fats for energy. That doesn't mean you should cut out carbs because you must have them, just limit your in take to once a day or so.

Protein is important, but not most important. I have meat once a day and a protein shake as breakfast once a week. I personally advocate for eating mostly vegetables, but I don't have a good source as to why so take that with a grain of salt.

Use myfitness pal. This is the number one thing I want to say. You'll be surprised how much food you can actually eat and stay under your calorie goal and shocked at how little food it takes to go over. Getting as close to your goal as possible without going over is vital to sticking with it otherwise you'll be more likely to give up. Its so easy too you just put you can scan the barcode of all your food and it enters the nutrition facts automatically.

I do a combination. I use myfitnesspal then connected my fitbit which adjusts my calorie goal to still lose weight based on how much I exercised and connected the fitbit scale so it auto syncs my weight and graphs it. I'm a scientist so I like stuff like that

If you have any more questions or want to know more about weight lifting, kinetic anatomy, how your body processes your food feel free to message me!

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