A Question For Strong Atheists

One thing to think about is that religion is all about control. Control over your afterlife, desires, emotions, lusts, lifestyle, environment, friends, family, everything. The thing is no one truly has any control over anything, especially death. Life is a fragile thing, and ultimately always winds up with the same outcome: death. It is the unfortunate side-effect of life. By understanding that everything dies, and it will die when it dies, takes some of the fear out of it. You are going to die and there really isnt anything you can do about it, so live while you can. Enjoy life with the intent of not having any regrets when you finally meet your end. Dont let the fear control you anymore, easier said than done I know, you just have to undo the indoctrination, with may take years but it is possible.

For me Existential Nihilism helped a lot, I realized that ultimately nothing matters and no one will ever make any difference in the grand scheme of things, therefore you should devote yourself to what makes you happy, live for your own purpose, damned be the rest of the world and what they tell you that you aught or should be doing. We are insignificant specs fortunate enough to be able to grasp a spark of cognizance to experience reality for a brief time, so why waste it worrying about what will happen when it's gone and what all these other little sparks think about you? Before you know it you would have squandered this one opportunity you have to witness reality in exchange for what, fear of what may be?

My family sometimes tells me that I will go to Hell

Which hell? How do they know the one they believe in even exists, any evidence? How very "Christian" of them to automatically condemn you. Such love no?

they tell me sometimes to 'hurry up' and find God again, before the 'Second Coming'.

Well Jesus has been coming for so long Im surprised the oceans arent filled with this "seed." Plus he was suppose to return within the apostles' generation over 2000 years ago, so either he overslept or it's full of bullshit.

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