I have a question, may seem dumb but im new to pc

I understand your view, forgive me for not point that out. I understand as a tech who has done the ticketing systems of a bullshit job for all low to mid level I.T. related issues. Where everyone comes to you for every single thing even after you've told a MF that without a ticket you can't and wont do shit, yet they keep coming and wasting your time. I understand the hatred you portray knowing that if it were you in that situation you would be trapped. You would likely show that. I've shown it both physically and verbally in person. It's noticeable when someone wants you to fuck off so they can focus on other meaningful tasks, or just to get to lunch. Reading someone isn't hard. Like how I can read just based on how you are talking about this that there has been a rather deep nerve struck and this was the place for you to vent it. It's ok.

My point was simple. Some people don't hate their job and life.

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