It's the /r/brisbane random discussion thread. 15/01/2020

First week back last week after 2 weeks break. Managed Tuesday and Thursday. Not good for the paypacket at all being casualI. don't have the full blown flu but I've got something. On Friday I got up, made coffee, had a shower and got dressed, all the while feeling crap but determined to come undressed and went back to bed, just couldn't do it.

I felt quite off over the holidays but kinda put it down to drinking too much. I mean I went home at 9.30 pm on Xmas Eve, I ran out of energy. It was great to get home to my lounge. I totally didn't twig that I was ill, I thought it was old age and too much partying.

Well I've struggled to come to work this week, I've had to talk myself into turning up, this morning was no exception, hope it goes away soon. Of course I'm thankful that it's not the full blown flu, plenty of that going around.

Anyway, there's some rain about so that's good. Have a pleasant Wednesday everybody.

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