Race whining is awful but I don't think we should snub all discussions about race involving attraction and sexual strategy.

Indian guy here.

I've never had problems with getting BB pussy because of my career (medicine). In the past I would straight up play on girls desperation for a family and relationship, and then drop them when I got what I wanted (sex). I know this sounds fucking terrible but so is screening me based on my race, so fuck off.

With that strategy being out there and in existence, I want you to know that being the "big ceo" type with money and wealth doesn't do it for alot of women. You have to be in shape. Being a bro works. Being a jersey shore curlbro works. Trust me. There was a point where I was squatting and deadlifting and pushpressing/whatever, and I wasn't getting anywhere near as much attention as when I was curling and benching nonstop. Fuck, I was even getting fatter, but as long as I was curling and benching nonstop, all women were growing more receptive and flirtatious. More than a little bizarre how that works. With that being said, while I was always relatively muscular (190lbs 20%bf) all around, when I started to slash weight things completely fucking changed.

Once again, I noticed that the simplest fucking things made all the goddamn difference. Over one summer I ran every morning for 30 minutes until I wanted to pass out and die. I cut out carbs and dropped to about 150lbs, the lowest I had been since around puberty. I wound up getting the hottest girlfriend of my life around then, a 5'0 stoya doppleganger with Kim Kardashian's ass.

I also slayed pussy and got trashed nonstop while with her and it was all HB8 turf. That was college in a nutshell.

I'm by no means tall (5'9), but it's more than tall enough for women that are even a few inches taller than me I've noticed. So many men are around my height that women almost feel out of place for being 5'7 and above.

There are no demographics I don't bother with. If you are fit, handsome and have a career, there are no women you are incapable of getting imo. It just comes down to the image of you she sees. Do you have a group of friends that are successful and fun? Does she have a way to see this is the case. If so you are in really good shape. The main reason alot of girls are nervous about hooking up with a dude from another race is that she thinks she will no longer have a tribe to be a part of. Do everything in your power to SHOW HER you are part of a group that is powerful and large and will accept her. She wants to be a part of something, not isolated and left out in the woods to die alone.

I am in a circle of attractive, successful doctors. This does wonder for a woman who wants to be a part of something bigger than herself. It makes her feel safe and successful.

TL;dr Get lean, don't be afraid to lift like a bro, be a part of a social circle that is cool and successful. Dread coupled with the notion she can be a part of your baller life is a powerful aphrodisiac.

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