We’re Still Getting Our Pandemic Preparation Horribly Wrong: Until we focus on the combustible social conditions that made Covid so devastating, we’ll never be truly ready for the next pandemic.

No it isn’t. You sound young, inexperienced with life and uncertain of how it all works. By following my own advice I will own a fully paid for multi family dwelling on land where all my own food can be grown. I’m waiting to break ground, the cash is already in the bank to pay for it all. My project will support myself, my daughter and her husband (both work from home but I do not want them burdened with a mortgage) with room for other family members to live with us if need be. I also own an additional lot next door on which I can build anything I can pay for.

My “bad advice” has set me up to shelter, feed and care for my extended family group and keep them from begging on the streets. One day my only grandchild will inherit this paid for property, a property in the far north near almost limitless fresh water sources.

I think that’s a considerable gift to give to ones extended family and is the best advice for a single individual to follow. Period.

I’ve taken affirmative, forward action to make life better for myself and my family…..exactly what is it you have done that leaves you open to so freely judging others? If others do what I’ve done, the world would be a far more secure and stable place. When I die, the kids get the house free and clear, no estate taxes. It’s stupidly simply to set all this up yet people just don’t bother to do it.

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