I genuinely think the pessimism and fatalistic acceptance of a horrible but changeable future is a result of the general age demographic of this subreddit

As someone who's studied the dynamics of societal divisions, I've got to say that we must recognize that labels, including those based on generational cohorts, can often be used to create and reinforce divisions. Labels based on age cohorts often lead to simplistic stereotyping and generalization, hindering meaningful dialogue and understanding between people of different backgrounds. It's tempting to attribute certain traits or behaviors to specific generations, but doing so risks oversimplification and overlooks the complexities of individual experiences.

I appreciate your point that social change is a continuous and evolving process, with movements influencing each other over time. You've rightly pointed out that various social movements, from anti-globalization protests to Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, have had ripple effects that contribute to the broader discourse and shape subsequent movements. It's important to recognize that individuals, regardless of age, have faced unique challenges and have engaged in activism and advocacy in different ways, informed by the context of their times. Social change is rarely immediate and often requires sustained effort over time. Individuals and groups across history have laid the groundwork for the progress we see today, and the current and future peoples will continue to build on that legacy.

It's essential to move beyond labels and focus on shared challenges and collective solutions. While it's not uncommon to see blame and resentment based on generational labels, this approach hinders our ability to engage in productive discussions about the systemic challenges we face and the collective solutions we must pursue. Sensationalist narratives and polarization based on age cohorts only serve to reinforce divisions and discourage collaboration on key matters. The lived experiences of individuals are shaped by a multitude of factors, including race, class, gender, and geography. In our struggle for social and economic justice, we need to be cautious about falling into the trap of tribalism based on age or any other label. We must challenge the fear-mongering and misinformation that seek to deepen divisions.

We have a shared vision of a more equitable and just society—a society that values the contributions and perspectives of people of all ages and backgrounds. We should try to appreciate the efforts of each individual and work together to build bridges of understanding and solidarity, focusing on the common goals and aspirations that unite us.

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