I really hope these two QBs get an serviceable Offensive line before it's to late.

Dear Chicago Bears Fans,

Please listen to my advice, and immediately abort the path you are one. You are approaching a death-to-a-young-QB vortex that is easy to get in to and impossible to get out of.

I know. I am an ex-commie fan. So I can see quite clearly when a franchise is about to fuck up a talented young QB's career. Its like watching someone hand over a newborn to a spastic Parkinson's patient. You helplessly object knowing that they wont comprehend your words until its too late, but you do so anyways.

First, lets start with the obvious -- you should never have drafted Justin Fields. Oh he can be a good QB in this league, but you're pretty much one of a handful of teams that had no business drafting a young, talented but raw QB.

If you wanted to draft Justin Fields to have success immediately you could have done tha -- by tailoring a system around his abilitiies (running and a strong arm), ala Kyler Murray.

If you wanted to draft J. Fields to turn him into a pocket passer, you could have done that, but this would have required patience, as well as an Offensive line, and WR talent. You have none of those things.

If you were going to draft Justin Fields to be a pocket passer but refused to be patient about it, the very least you could have done was make sure he had a decent offensive line to protect him, so he could learn to go through his progressions by...I dunno actually experiencing situations where he has enough time to get to his progressions.

The worst thing, the wooooorst opption you could possibly have conceived was to draft Justin Fields to be a pocket QB, refused to be patient about it, while surrounding him with no talent on OLINE and WR. That, thats actually the best way to ensure that Justin Field's is swallowed up by the vortex that is death to all young talented QBs.

So, step 1 is to abort. Immediately. Everything that you are doing. Abort, abort abort. Step back. Figure out a plan. That is the opposite of what you were doing. Now. Because its probably already too late.


A tired defeated ex-commie.

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