Reddit, what are some of the craziest dreams you've ever had?

TL;DR: Did ecstasy pills that were of the same batch that killed a girl in Denver and lead to a large drug bust, had crazy trip followed by worst dream of my life where I thought I was going to hell.

When I was younger (18-20, I’m 35 now) I used to do a lot of ecstasy and was into the whole early raver scene. After about a year of doing the drug regularly I started experiencing very crazy dreams. The last time I ever touched X was the time I took three ‘four leaf clovers’, which were unlike anything I had ever had. I later found out that a girl had died while taking these pills, I lived in Denver at the time and here is more on that story and a drug bust that happened later on:

I experienced a “high” unlike any other. I had an insatiable itch deep to the bone, I was in a cold sweat and I was seeing weird visual distortions. I was incredibly anxious, on the verge of feeling like I was going to go mad, definitely not like any X I had ever tried!

Anyway, it was a very long night, I couldn’t sleep. It was early in the morning and I laid on the couch, I kept trying to close my eyes but every time I did I would see a kaleidoscope of faces, eyes, and distorted visuals - picture something like the tunnel scene in the original Willy Wonka movie. I was so exhausted, I finally just shut my eyes and did the best I could to meditate and ignore the crazy imagery in my head.

After an unknown amount of time I opened my eyes and took a look around the apartment. Everything appeared to be normal, except I had a very uneasy feeling, like there was a splinter deep in my mind.

I feel what seemed like a searing burning sensation around my ankles. I look down and see nothing. I am then suddenly pulled by my ankles very aggressively and was peeled off the couch! I’m completely blown away because this was so unordinary and I knew I wasn’t dreaming. Now I’m being dragged around the apartment by my ankles and I’m desperately trying to focus on what is causing this, it’s too unreal, but I still see nothing at my feet.

I feel incredibly panicked at this point. I try clawing at the carpet to no avail. This thing drags me through a doorway and I splay my hands and hold on to the door frame with all my might, but my attempts are completely feeble. The walls begin darken until I am in total blackness. Faster and faster I’m being pulled by this force and I’m no longer in my apartment.

I’m convinced at this point that I have died and gone to hell, that this is my eternity when suddenly I open my eyes and I’m back on the couch. This time I wake up for real, but I was soaked in sweat and my heart was racing so hard I felt like it was going to explode.

That scared me so much that I had trouble sleeping for weeks.

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