Redditors, What's the biggest bullet you've dodged in your life that you continue to thank the heavens for to this day?

I was engaged to a man, with a wedding 4 months away. I had moved halfway across the country because of this, and was splitting my time between staying with relatives during the week (in a city an hour away from fiancée) and spending time with him on the weekends. While using fiancée's computer entirely with his permission I literally stumbled on gay porn. On its own that doesn't bode particularly wall for an impending hetero marriage... and then he felt a need to tell me that he wasn't sure he could really go through with getting married... Yeah, called that one off.

I already had a temp job in the city in which I was staying, and I was able to turn that into a "real" job. So for lack of better options, I stayed in that state and lived my life relatively happily for several years before moving halfway across the country again (that time for a job opportuity) and ending up with my husband.

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