Redditors who have found stories/post about themselves or situations/places they were at on reddit, what’s your side of the story?

My then-girlfriend posted on /r/ldr (long distance relationships) talking about how our relationship was causing a huge amount of stress while she was studying for her degree. She outlined a few issues of mine, which were accurate, and then went on to discuss her beliefs of how I was feeling, a majority of them being wrong. It was a weird feeling. On one hand I felt attacked, but on the other hand she had legitimate thoughts and feelings that I couldn't deny.

I contemplated not telling her and stalking her account, as it would be a surefire way to see into her mind, but decided that it would be a violation of privacy, even if it was public. I didn't ever want to keep secrets from her.

I confronted her about it, she admitted it was her post. I worked on fixing the legitimate issues, we talked about her perceived issues, and then a few years later I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We're now engaged.

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