Redditors who got divorced within a year of their wedding: what happened? Why did you go through with the wedding in the first place?

She bitches about how much she hates Boston (where we live), and how her home state is so much better in every imaginable way. I do understand having a soft spot from your hometown, but when your state is one of the meth, just kind of hard to get on board with. She bitches at us for certain personal traits and habits, and has actually called some of us white trash (for smoking cigarettes after a few beers of all things; we're all middle class, so that was weird). She says incredibly stupid things. Her personality kind of sucks. All that said, she is very good to our friend, so it's not like, "Dude, we hate your wife because she's shitty to you". We all bite our tongues. Oh, and her favorite Back to the Future movie is Part 3.

Oddly, we loved her for the first few months they dated, but then we all went on a trip together for 4 or 5 days. Over that time, our perception of her completely changed (close quarters and constantly being around her for days at a time will sometimes do that), and we can't get back to where we feel better about her. Just a bunch of little, annoying things that now grate on us so much. It's been a long four years. If we see her once in a while, it's fine, but with any real frequency, it's hard for my husband to...not get snarky with her after she says something stupid, and then it gets uncomfortable. To hubsy's credit, he was the only one of the groom's friends to make it down to their wedding in her hometown, and he was a groomsman. From what I've been told, that went smoothly (I didn't go, I had a newborn at home).

We tolerate her because our friend loves her and she loves him. We are not required to love her. It would make things so much easier if we did. We've been spoiled by our friends picking wonderful spouses that fit in with the group. This one isn't quite there is all.

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