Redditors who live in the “middle of nowhere,” what do you love / hate about living away from more populated areas?

Middle of nowhere, USA - Love: I can see the stars really well at home and the quiet can be really nice at times. Hate: Everything else. You're out of milk? Guess what, the nearest store is a 30 minute drive away assuming you don't get stuck behind a tractor or some other slow traffic. There is absolutely nothing to do around you if you get bored and don't want to drive. You have to drive e v e r y w h e r e. The nearest town is two miles from my house - it has one gas station that closes at 8pm, a church, a "restaurant" that serves food worse than McDonald's, a volunteer fire department (who I would not trust to save my burning house tbh). Medical emergency? Damn, better hope it's not too serious or you may die while you wait for an ambulance to even respond (also a volunteer department so response time includes the time it takes for personal to get to the EMS station from their actual job, then they have to actually drive to where you are on top of that). If it's car wreak serious you may end up in a staff for life helicopter though but then you get that $10k bill, for the flight alone, afterwards so it may be better to just die at that point. The schools suck, everyone is up in your business even if you don't talk to them.......should I go on?

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