Redditors who've won a "Spend a day with so-and-so celebrity" contest. How was it?

I didn't "win" a day with him per say... But I fought to get into his class/show he did at my school (and worked on said show), so it was a victory in a way? To be honest, I just need to get this story off my chest. The celebrity in question is James Franco, and he is a fucking douche. He always showed up to his class and rehearsals drugged up, hung over, or some god awful combination of the two. He didn't really teach. like, at all. I think i witnessed him sleeping more then i did him teaching. He received some sort of sexual favor from his lovely assistant in the buildings only restroom, leaving me without a place to pee for a bit, casually took my laptop so he could plug in his phone to charge, And finally - He wouldn't pick up his own goddamn cup. I shit you not. He would be sitting on a couch in the back of the building, "observing" rehearsals. I was sitting next to him. It was my first day. He had a cup down by his foot. Instead of reaching for said cup of water like a normal, decent, person- he would simply hold out his hand and say "cup". His poor assistant would the have reach down, grab the cup for him then put it in his hand. once he was done, she would put it back down for him. It was amazing. horribly, sickeningly, amazing.

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