I regret getting a gold portrait. 1 out of 3 games, I get made fun of for it. Blizzard just invites ridicule with the levels, they aren't something that garners respect.

I've just got the gold borders too and I'm on PS4. I never had messages before that, most likely because I'm a pretty serious Diamond player who's always trying his best. Nothing I can be blamed for. But since I have the gold borders, I received a few messages saying "you suck" or "gold borders match your skills", things like that. And you know what? This makes me laugh and I couldn't care less.

I have a job, a lot of friends and I travel a lot. I don't sleep much though, which is bad. Plus, OW is actually the only game I've played this year. Surprise, right?

It's funny how people judge the amount of time you put into a game, saying that you have no life, etc. But they actually take the time to write you this message and they take the time to ridicule you for what the game says about you. Quite sad, don't you think?

Now some tough love, but get a strong skin. Ignorance is the key. They most likely have issues in their life to be that frustrated, so it really doesn't matter.

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