Response to getting Doxxed by Neo-Nazis from 4Chan for criticising PewDiePie's Views on Immigration

I feel like the young kids who are that far down the pipeline (4chan hate crew territory) are actually enjoying the reaction, so the backlash isn't really backlash at all, but a reward. I 100% agree that "normal" human scum should always be taken to task, but in this specific case, they're not really people, but anonymous numbers who thrive on the hatred.

To be honest, I'm not really sure where I stand at this point. My usual gut instinct is to just destroy them all by every and any means possible, but at the same time, I feel like the 4chan degenerates don't really have any sway as far as social status anyways. Even the young kids watching from afar know that shit's pathetic, and there aren't any reasonable exchanges with anonymous 4chan slime happening, so it really feels like they just win no matter what and they only way to come out even is to not play at all.

I don't know. Sorry for the ramble.

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