Response to "There's No Such Thing As A Vegan" jpeg

The thing the maker of the (original) version of this image doesn't understand--the cow slaughtering industry (beef and dairy) doesn't exist of those oh-so-lucrative adhesives and fireworks supply contracts. The industry exists because tons of people buy their flesh and cow breast milk. The industry doesn't exist because of however much "cow" they sell to paint or perfume manufacturers. That's not why hundreds of millions of cows are grown and slaughtered each year.

All of the product categories listed here use tiny, cheap byproducts that would otherwise be waste. These cow byproducts do, admittedly have use. But the only reason why these byproducts are used is because they are so widely available. Use common sense--obviously, cow parts are not necessary for any of these products. And as more people give up cow meat and dairy, more plant-based and synthetic additives will take the place of the cow byproducts. While selling the tiny byproducts does give the industry a (relatively) small windfall, that's not why the cow slaughtering industry exists. It exists because of selling beef products, dairy products and to a lesser extent, leather.

Again, common sense. Imagine everyone in the country became the kind of "fake" vegan the original creator of this image imagined--they gave up beef and dairy products, but still used air filters and waterproofing agents (which supposedly might have cow byproducts in them). Do you think the cow slaughtering industry would still be in existence? Absolutely not. Vegans are going after the reason the horrific industry exists. On the contrary, if everyone boycotted all of the products on this image that might use tiny amounts of cow byproduct, the industry wouldn't. even. notice.

So vegans, keep buying whatever you want on this list. Just boycott the meat and cow breast milk products.

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