robot stupid af tho.

Jesus I’m boutta get downvoted for this


You’re so stupid, if you have even a small piece of common sense you’d know that singularity was piloting it. And also what kind of a dumbass says that you don’t hear things out of speakers? THEY AMPLIFY SOUND. also, singularities styles came out before the mech even had color. It was white! Singularity could have hired a team of builders to build the sword. Possibly the government as it shows in the LOADING SCREEN FOR THE EVENT THE HAZARD AGENTS WORKING ON THE MECH. AND IF WE ARE STILL THINKING ABOUT THE STORYLINE AND NOT THE ACTUAL EVENTS. THE ONLY PERSON THAT WOULD HAVE SEEN THE INSIDE OF THE VAULT WOULD BE SINGULARITY, BEFORE ANYONE ELSE, HOW ELSE WOULD THE HELMET HAVE GOTTEN THERE? SHE PROBABLY WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT, MADE THE SWORD IN NEO IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, HAD PERMISSION TO ENTER THE VAULT BECAUSE OF HIGH RANK. AND COULD ORDER HAZARDS TO BUILD MECH.

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