Rocket space guy on his work

So, I wasn’t born into 1% wealth I had to fight from right at the poverty line tooth and nail all the way up and it was/is still a very painful and overwhelming unpleasant experience.

Yes, I would rather not be born into the current economic system where the wealth gap that is expanding faster than ever and have to do what I did again.

What’s funny is I’m fairly confident I’m not only older than you but also wealthier than you and married to an immigrant from Liberia (amazing woman) and we are considering relocating if we are going to have a family. The culture in America is awful and I definitely wouldn’t want to raise my children around so many obese, uneducated & mentally unstable self centered snowflakes.

Like you, who attacks me for having an opinion and makes wild assumptions. Maybe one day you’ll find happiness in the meantime don’t have kids you can’t provide for.

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