RP strategies for weight loss?

Track your calories Don’t do cheat days, ever, even if you have discipline, cheat meal is enough also psychologu of „cheat” meals is kind of like rewarding yourself with junk food for forcing yourself to eat healthy - no, your plan is to always have a good healthy diet, and if you happen to eat some cake it’s okay because it won’t ruin the rest of your diet Also don’t treat diet as a punishment, think how much more amazing you would feel if you weren’t constantly full and your body would be lighter Don’t get into instagram diets like only eat one hour a day and only vegetables that are green You can eat honestly anything as long as you’re in the calorie deficit and the thing is that you can eat salad etc because it has bigger volume but less calories Don’t cut too much calories at once because your body will be exhausted Whatever you eat, eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day Do not use stuff that has „less fat” because it means it has more sugar Look for healthy alternatives for your favourite nasty food - I love chicken nuggets so at home I make them with turkey breast, and crumbs made from corn flakes with salt and pepper and then I make my own garlic sauce

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