Rule #12: Stay Away From Light Tubes

This is what OP posted in the last one before they deleted it.

If I had the actual video of the Owen fall Vince would have me in the Saskatchewan Spinning Nerve Hold (Hold number 5 on the list of 1004 holds) I sincerely apologize to any mods or users i offended for lying and saying one of the mods messaged me. I assumed since the general consensus is that the mods are not liked on this sub it would have reeled in more of you to see this rule since it was being fought and get a cheap laugh out of all you once you saw it resulted in Haitch face, which clearly didn't work and I am at fault for. Basically I was trying to pull a rib and I thought my comments would be swept under the rug but ended up being a douche and I apologize. The main reason i posted this is to kill off the comments that I somehow had the Owen footage (received 10-15+ comments per rule about it) which we all know is in the possession of the WWE. I also wanted to use this rule to ask for submissions of any horrible bumps, botches, deathmatch spots, or incidents that you think would appeal to others in this series please PM them. I have a few clips ready to use but i know there is more material out there that would fit better in this series. So Id like to take a day or two to find good spots or botches to end this series on a high note. Aiming for rule 20 to end this.

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