Rumor: Lakers “much more likely now” to target Derrick Rose in trade

I don't know about specific stadium accommodations for basketball versus hockey but the arena (Climate Pledge Arena, lol) is support 18k attendance. Traffic getting in and out of that area is already awful during normal circumstances so I can only imagine what it will be like with hockey games happening. Add in another 41 nights of NBA games and it's even worse. The light-rail (train/subway) service isn't scheduled to make it there until 2035. One of the earlier plans when the Hansen group was still trying to get Seattle a team was to build in the industrial area south of downtown (SoDo) near the other stadiums but there were complaints from, I think the teamsters? They tried to make some concessions about building more access points so the drivers could get in and out of the docks which are located down there but I don't think the negotiations ever got very far. Sorry, if this is 100%, I'm going off of memory and it has been a few years. I don't know if a SoDo stadium would have been better or worse. Seattle already has pretty shit traffic because of the geography of the city, the rain and the poor drivers. I'm looking forward to going to a hockey game though if we're ever safe in crowds again.

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