Sam on Lying vs. Bullshitting & Trump

I keep hearing you doofuses repeat the thing about recidivism.

Because blacks statistically commit more violent crimes than whites. Simply look at the murders rates per capita. Blacks commit over 50% of U.S. crimes while only 14% of the population. That's insane. Blacks commit crimes at rates triple that of whites and double that of other groups.

Statistically, if you have a black and a white, it's likely the black while commit a violent felony offense in their lifetime while the white will not.

I do not need you to go through anything. I have personal experience in this. My father is a retired Capt. from Maryland DPS, and my mother was a correctional officer for 20 years, then a state investigator. I am well aware of how things work, including my own personal experiences through my life.

Unfortunately blacks have a culture problem. And a victimhood problem. Not all of them, but as a group, certainly. White liberals continue to tell them they are victims and must be saved by liberals, yet nothing changes.

The white conservative boogieman is here to re-enslave them, take their welfare, and eat their children.

We can keep blaming society for blacks problems, or we can help them in honest ways. Telling them they are not victims, to stop the violence, to work for what they want, and to try even if you know failure is imminent.

Blacks continue to get special treatment a.k.a. affirmative action in all facets of life. They get points added to college entrance exams, bushiness have black hiring quotas, blacks get protection from termination on jobs, schools and clubs for their race only, black only scholarships, and the best one, the race card. "Are you pulling me over because I'm black?" "You're firing me because I'm black.." "Oh, I didn't get an A because I'm black.."

Unfortunately, in the case of incarcerations, there are studies that show different information. Includign state level studies that show blacks commit more crimes in general, commit more violent crimes in general. Have terrible behavior while incarcerated adding time onto sentences, and much more.

Blacks are more likely to violate probation and parole terms, getting re sentenced to harsher prison time.

When penalties for crimes are lowered, incarceration rates go down, especially for blacks. While correlation is not causation, it's evident that the black population goes down as punishment for crimes get lowered, showing that its likely blacks commit more of the crimes and see relief when the penalties are not incarceration but rather jail, probation, or some other for of non-incarceration.

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