Sanders on the Senate Budget: "This budget throws 27 million Americans off of health insurance. At a time when kids can't afford to go to college and leaving school deeply in debt, this budget cuts 90 billion dollars for mandatory funding for Pell Grants...This is a horrendous budget."

And how have they made it impossible? Truth is, it's entirely possible, it's just a lot of work. Think decades here.

I don't know if young people today don't understand this aspect of revolution, that in history it's decades of determination from social movements to get to a revolutionary point in their society. Occupy didn't fail because it was violently crushed, it failed because after being violently crushed, and everything you said, people insisted on the same tactics as if camping had become a goal in itself, and the movement failed to gain institutional traction.

There are new issues to overcome today, propaganda is much more sophisticated, and I would argue it had become inherent in the design of everything from schools to social media platforms and the iPad a type this on. Cyber security, political shilling etc are new things the public had to learn about. And that's fine

Peaceful revolution isn't only possible, it would be trivial with how connected and well resourced everyone is given polls show most people disagree with money in politics, wealth inequality yadda yadda yada.

Personally I do not see a great deal of use in peaceful revolution or reform or anything, because the current system has already created an irretractable existential threat to civilisation, the project is very much on the way out if you have been paying attention to environmental science. We might have a chance if there was a seismic shift in the human values underlying industrial systems and the economy, but again, that could decades to institute, and by 2050 I garuntee we be seeing the many signs of state breakdown that we have seen before every time large civilisations become polarised in wealth inequality, greed and become out of control. This process has been happening since the first civilisations ten thousand years ago. Only this time we are largeling going to see the life supporting systems of the planet go with it.

Here are same things to keep in mind.

  • climate change
  • draughts, storms and their effects of food security
  • ocean acidification
  • no fish left in the sea by 2048 (at current rates of over fishing and extinction]
  • top soil micronutrient depletion on a global scale
  • soil salinisation
  • desertification
  • the current era of extinction we have created
  • the growing industrial pollution, resource extraction and environmental degradation contributing to all these factors, and the legal frameworks cementing in corporate trajectory for practically forced expansion of all this nonsense.
  • growing corruption (not as bad as people make out, but still a factor).
  • indoctrination has becomes rat of the fabric of society, Ie, advertising.
  • conflicts... they will make sue nothing escapes

I've heard all the rebuttals to the above but I've yet to seen a body of evidence as strong as that which is the culmination of history and environmental science which points to anything interfering with the obvious fate of present civilisation, starvation, state break down, ruinous conflicts and environmental depletion.

Revolution at this stage is probably not going to be worth the fucking hassle. Plus I hate meetings.

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