[Saturday] Best Music You Discovered This Week - October 05, 2019

I prefer gloom and doom to the happy and snappy. Spotify Top 50
I've been going back to these songs that are growers for me:

Listening to "The River", apparently Reduction Plan had a plan to reduce the suffocating reverb on their previous album.

Once I got used to the Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux) vocal sound of "Medusa's Song" by Anne Imhof, the tasteful neoclassical piano accompaniment by Eliza Douglas had me going back to listen again.

A song called "Sylvan" by Esben And The Witch almost wears me out. It's 13 minutes of gothic shoegaze, with a repetitious fem vocal that's either hypnotic or annoying. The type of song that wakes me up if I'm sleeping while a music stream plays at low volume, the song probably leaves the best impression on first listen.

The latest album by Rien Vergule continues to stun me, especially the Medieval Gothic opener "Zanne nel velluto". I ache for it to be on Spotify so I can add it to a certain playlist where it would fit right in.

My relatively upbeat song of the week is a 1970 curio single from Jamaica's Nora Dean called "Angie La La"

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