Saving Private Marius

I have a PS4 (x2, wife and myself), gaming PC (multiple, one is mine, one is wife's, other for visitors), Switch (x2, wife and myself), PS3, NES, SNES, etc, etc (I could go on, but I doubt anyone really cares). If I am to be honest, I love them all equally. I have never really preferred a single device over the next, I just prefer certain game types on certain controls. Racing games are better on a wheel (which you can get for any system), shooters are better on mouse + KB, MMO is better on gaming mouse + KB (I have 12 buttons on my naga, which helps immensely), games like Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy XV, or Horizon Zero Dawn IMO would always be better on console, for me anyways, this could vary depending on the player.

I play games for the enjoyment of the games, not really for the device they are on. Sure, my PC has far more potential than my PS4 due to upgradability and flexibility in both hardware and software, but Horizon Zero Dawn and FFXV has shown that doesn't always matter, so long as the dev is willing to put in the extra effort. I have also seen my fair share of bad performing/looking games on PC, so not all devs put in the necessary time or effort on PC either.

In the end, I would say just enjoy what you enjoy. As long as the game being played is bringing you fun, then mission accomplished. I have a friend that mainly plays PS4, but that's mainly because he works in the bush, and dragging his PC around was a hassle, plus all his favorite games are on PS4.

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