Saw some criticism that is a huge positive I think.

You definitely raise valid points to be sure. And while the war stories themselves may be fictional, they drive the point across of some of the things that potentially (or maybe even DID happen), it definitely serves to spotlight things that really should be more explored.

You see, I almost feel like they are doing these issues a huge disservice. Coming from a guy who sort-of enjoyed previous entries in the Battlefield series campaigns, the stories in this are just bad. Rushed, lazy, full of scripting issues and they are shooting themselves in the foot if they want to bring up issues like those presented, yet just an hour earlier you were playing a fictional story where they crowbarred in some women, with the daughter being a superhuman at times.

If you want to bring up food for thought, very real issues, why turn everything into unfounded fiction in a super lazy story? If you want to bring up these issues, do it with some respect and don't compromise the credibility of the story you are trying to convey. At that point, you'll just have people questioning whether it was more stuff coming from DICE's proverbial behind or something real, historically, they should know about.

Tell people the real story. The heavy water war is well documented, lots of movies and TV series about it, shouldn't be too difficult to enlighten players to what went down without twisting the story and just making up some lazy "destroy 3 things at generic facility in snow" scenario.

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