I was in Scientology for three months, left, and got my money back, AMA

Open mindedness doesn't mean jumping into things dick first. There's a reason the word "mind" is present in the phrase "open mind". It requires thoughtfulness and consideration, not blind cooperation. You can be skeptical and open minded. You should be skeptical and open minded.

If someone presents a crazy notion, you don't dismiss it out of hand. That's being open minded. If said person can't provide evidence to your satisfaction, and therefore you are not convinced, that's being skeptical. They're not at all at odds.

If you think it is even remotely acceptable to do what you did to prove devotion, given you know Scientology's reputation, how they harass ex members, etc etc, you really need to stop and think. Don't let the emotional after effects of a fight like that influence such important decisions. Going deeper into/committing to/giving funds to/getting your girlfriend entrenched deeper in an organization you know to be abusive and effectively a cult?

I'm sorry for the experiences you went through, Scientology is, to put it nicely, a shitshow. I'm glad you managed to get out quick, and sincerely hope you never have any negative repercussions or backlash for leaving! But, parting advice on an insomnia fueled rant... Know thyself. I hope your recent lack of skepticism helps you be more skeptical, in a good way. We are all susceptible even if we think we are above it.

You are perhaps a touch susceptible, a touch manipulatable, and not a a "hardcore" skeptic. That's not a bad thing. They come from good places. Susceptible? No you're just trustful. Manipulatable? No, you just have a desire to help others. But remember, your number one priority to the best of your ability, without harming others, should be you. Sometimes we make sacrifices for others, and that's ok. None of us would reach adulthood if others weren't willing to put themselves second. But you have to remember you should always be at the top, or near the top, of that priority list.

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