[Serious] Children of bad parents, what made them bad parents?

Father: All about power trip and nothing about responsibilities. When he was taking care of me for 2 months at about age of 8 I had to do all the house work I could. I couldn't cook so I didn't eat, and he thanked himself for making me less ugly and fat. Locked out if house 4 hours every day. Ongoing permanent put downs. Encouraged me to starve because I was a fat hence shame to him, when I went down to 45 kilos at age of 16 he then he wouldn't shut up about how I was now fat and stupid and vain. Never contributed anything financially other than giving me a place to live (but I was not allowed to use hot water even in winter because it costs him money. Money he got from the government under my name). Committed multiple minor frauds under my name when I was about 13 and tried to pass it off as I did it. Encouraged me to commit suicide because constant taunting on how I'm a burden to my family. Abusing other family members and make it to be about I made him do it (ie I exist). Various things I believe we're not sexually intended but definitely felt sexual to me that I had to perform to him at around age of 6 to 10. Told me graphic details about how he would kill and skin my beloved cat and hang her on my wall with marbles replaced for eyes because he could, when I was about 9. Threatening my mum that if she ever tried to leave him he would massacre everyone at his work and it would be her fault.

Mother: Allowed all those to happen because "a child needs heterosexual married biological parents as books said."

I'm in very good term with my mum now, and kinda adopted her in a different country. They are still legally together but she finally accepted that if I need to pick between have him in my life or not have her in my life, she is out. I have not contacted my paternal unit for 10 years. Things are definitely better without that thing. I'm still pretty generally fucked up and chronically suicidal, but at least without the biggest problem of my life.

Tldr: a genuinely "bad" parent is one repetitively, consistently, intentionally cause harm; not someone who made a mistake here and there.

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