Questioned my gender as a kid, felt like I resolved the issue, now re-questioning years later... help

women constantly feel dysphoric because of how female characters are written. it's so subtle and it blends in now because we're so used to it, but women are always written as flat and dependent on their men. every single one. women can be just as interesting as men.

good news: it's simple. you were never wrong about your identity. i hate this "true trans" bullshit. i spent so much of my time with it. i spent actual years researching trans identity and obsessing over it/checking to make sure i was trans and i came to the conclusion that no one is. there is no true trans. you are a (straight or bi) female who is dysphoric and that is completely valid. you are not a stupid girl who made a mistake or thought you could be a man but you didn't have what it takes. your body is female and your brain is human and it's up to you what you want to do with it. your female body means nothing about you, you just have easily could've been born a man and made peace with that. THERE IS NO BRAIN SEX. male characters are not more interesting than female characters.

i want everyone to know this because i wasted so much time thinking that to be who i wanted to be i had to be male. you don't have to change a damn thing about yourself to be you.

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