[Serious] [Disco] /r/okcupid improvements.

-Value most

My thinking is better organized when there is some structure inducing a written response from me. A well-phrased question (e.g., around a hypothetical situation) or even a critique request can provide this structure. I have been to two meet-ups, too, and they were okay; SHOUT OUT TO OP.

-Weekly threads

No, but I wouldn't mind seeing frequent topics streamlined into a weekly format. I think /r/hiphopheads has a nice bit in its sidebar (though I don't frequent that sub hence cannot speak to its efficacy). If critiques were limited to one (or maybe two...) days a week, then I think it would improve the sub. I am sure others would disagree.


Besides trying to avoid the reemergence of the same questions so often (and the constant influx of critique requests) I think it would be better (though very difficult to achieve) if there was more active participation (there are over 66k subscribers; I should not be able to recognize usernames so easily!) and, when a good question is posed, if users would try to post thoughtful answers. Often I see witty one-liners rise to the top (I organize by hot) and then that leads to a sequence of responses that are orthogonal to the question/situation presented. I have not concrete measures to propose here to change any of the aforementioned.


Actually, I wouldn't mind if critiques were entirely removed. I realize this is the source of a fair bit of traffic, and that there is a desire to obtain such critiques (so where else to post but the OkCupid subreddit?!). My own feeling: I think that people should figure out how to write profiles on their own, through trial and error. At the least, I would like to see the critique posts contain what the person has already tried (unsuccessfully, in their estimation) rather than: Here is my profile and what should I change?

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