Hated for being different.

I recently turned 30. I now have two children, one 5 years and one just 4 months old. They are undeniably my life. I couldn't be happier. I can't say that I ever had to worry about an abusive father or any other family member for that matter, but I can tell you one thing for sure. The confusion about who you are and why, goes away. Growing up, I had many, many sexual experiences with friends and strangers alike of both genders. I never even took my familys response into account because I was always under the impression that it was none of their gourschdawm buidness. If your situation is as abusive as you are explaining, you need to do one of three things, and don't feel bad about either: 1. Tell the abuser that you will no longer tolerate what they are doing and explain to them in a calm but authoritative manner that if they continue on their path, the law will take care of them. (Best to talk like this once you've already informed yourself/ talked to someone who will support you, which is not hard) 2. If they threaten you with physical violence, actually go to the authorities!!!. 3. If the local authorities wont help because of the "buddie, buddie" stuff leave and pursue the matter from the next county/state, but make sure you pursue it. You want to absolutely make sure that this behavior is killed with that degenerates generation. The law has no other option but to follow the FUCKING LAW. And the law is pretty straight forward. Don't hurt/abuse/threaten people. If people can't get that through their thick skull by themselves, then they obviously need help. Buddy-buddy systems only work until someone runs out of buddies. The law is the law, they hold us to it, so we need to make sure that we hold them to it as well. Fight the fight, it will make you stronger, wiser and not to mention, happier. (BTW, religion has nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, to do with sexuality) If god didn't love gays, they wouldn't exist!!!!!!!!

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