[Serious] Have you ever saved anyone's life? How did it happen?

Not sure the recipient's life was immediately threatened, but anyway...

I was in Boston for PAX East in 2013. It was fairly late at night when I began to take the walk back to the hotel room shared by myself and three friends, one of whom had gone back earlier in the day for illness and the other two staying at the center for the concert. So, I was essentially walking back solo save for a group of fellow PAX-goers seemingly headed in the same direction.

I, making my way slowly down the sidewalk, come across a tall, cylindrical building with a ramp on one side leading to the entryway door. As I approach, I hear some sort of whimper. Eventually, I can make out a female voice pleading, "No, you're hurting me." It is coming from the entryway, which is just above me and out of vision. I turn to the group of PAX-goers to my left. They look at me and keep walking ahead.

Something is definitely wrong with this situation; I intuited that much. My heart started racing, adrenaline began coursing its way through me as I saw the very safe route of merely continuing on with the pack and on with my life and yet was strangely compelled to stop, to turn around. I did so; I stopped, turned around and walked along the wall to the walkway ramp.

I look up and see nothing, for the curvature blocked my line of sight, but responding to the woman's pleas I hear a male voice, evidently attempting to somehow soothe her yet being somehow off in tone. Limbs nearly shaking, not solely from the Bostonian cold, I make my first steps up the ramp, suddenly finding myself in sight of the entryway. The lone orange lamppost across the street did little; I saw only the brick and tile of the building bathed in that sad orange glow and two figures closely huddled in the shadow. Whatever semblance of a conversation had been occurring ceased upon my approach. Then, the left figure gets up. It is the woman, with blonde hair and in fairly skimpy clothing given the weather. She hurriedly walks right past me, down the ramp and onto the street. The man begins to rise. I can't remember what he looked like, because I never got a good glimpse at him; I turned tail and walked right back down onto the sidewalk. The woman nervously yet single-mindedly went right out across the road and down the next street, out of sight. I went back on my way to the hotel.

When I got back, I called the police and filed a report, but was pretty much useless given that I couldn't give good descriptions and had no idea what the exact address was. Nonetheless, I was shaken up for the rest of the night. I still wonder about her; what exactly led up to that, and how she's doing now.

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