[Serious] Girls of Reddit, what is the best life lesson your dad taught you?

I don't really like labels in general because I think they pigeonhole you.

Are you referring to transgender people here? Because we know transgender people share brain structure with the sex they identity with.

However this doesn't quite settle the dispute over whether or not gender is influenced by biology. One of the best Ted talks tied only with that neuroscientist having a stroke from harvard talks about how just watching someone can place you in their shoes in a very real way. He talks about how people have phantom limbs even though they were never born with that particular limb to being with implying that the mind itself is born with a body image, and when a person's actual body doesn't mirror this image phantom limbs are produced? What if transgender people born female have the body image of man? We know that mirror neurons allow you to project your
feelings onto people even with parts of you that don't exist. That's how the mirror box in his talk works. I should also point out that central topic of his talk is how mirror neurons can be used to project your feelings to anyone you see experiencing pain or something, but phenonomen is much much stronger when you look at someone who looks just like you. That's why he uses the mirror box instead of the prosthetic arm most of the time to demonstrate the mirror neuron phenomena. Seeing an arm that looks just like yours allows you to feel things relating to that arm. So despite the fact that trangender people are treated by society as women depictions of men and how society thinks of them still has an impact. You see what I'm saying?

If men in society were seen as effeminate and women were seen as macho the transgender people in this society if brought to our society their behavior would be seen as normal and in their society abnormal

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