[Serious] You made it. Not only did you survive adversity but you came out with massive success. What is your story of adversity and resilience?

Got jumped by a gang of around 7 guys with my girlfriend. One guy came up to me and punched my right across the face and then another one yelled out “let’s rape the girl”. By dodging a couple punches and every now and then kinda half fake punching guys that came near me, we were able to get close enough back to the house we were staying at to run once the main guy pulled out a knife. It was so tempting just to run but I knew my girlfriend wouldn’t have been able to outrun them. I managed to stand my ground and take a punch and stay on my feet to make sure my girlfriend would be okay. We somehow got out fine but they saw what house we went into and smashed her friends car in the driveway.

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