[Serious] People that have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, what was the first time you noticed something wasn't quite right?

So obligatory, I’m not diagnosed with schizophrenia, but bipolar disorder, and my doctor and I have discussed potentially adding on schizoaffective disorder, which is sorta like bipolar moods with some schizophrenic delusions.

Anyway, the first time I became manic was when I was 17, it was a really a really scary time in which I was suffering from psychosis. I was terrified to sleep for a week straight, I’d stay up all night with the lights on. My eyes were always blacked out in the mirror after dark, and it was like I was looking at a demonic person I couldn’t recognize.

Shadowy demon people would follow me around all the time and were always lurking out of the corner of my eye. I was having little auditory hallucinations where I could hear something akin to sonic booms in my house, it was crazy loud, or sometimes I’d hear whispering in my ear but I had no idea what it was saying, like all my delusions it was paranormal like though. Then I was paranoid all the time, people were always watching me and I’d actually hear their conversations morphing into them saying mean things about me even though they were total strangers.

I still suffer from the paranoia aspect of it, but it’s not that common for me to hallucinate unless I’m hypomanic or manic, but I am often though, so I guess I do kinda frequently. Even when I do, it’s not scary like it was that first time because I can differentiate between reality and hallucinations now, but at the time I couldn’t.

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