[Serious] People who stopped talking to a very close friend, what was the reason?

It's pretty late in the thread so no one will see but it just happened so it might be therapeutic to talk about it and get it off my chest.

So basically just one day when out with some friends I walked into this store and started joking around with one of the girls working there. We really really clicked and we added each other on Facebook. A quick little thing but soon we started talking to each other all the time. We would hang out a lot and just started to become good friends. We were both pretty closed off people but we really started to open up to each other, I opened up to her about my depression and she opened up to me about her anxiety disorder. I've always had trouble believing people honestly liked me as a person but her it was different, she expierenced me at my absolute worst and still wanted to be my friend, and vice versa. If she was having a panic attack I'd be the first person she'd call and I'd find a way to calm her down. One day when I was suicidal she talked me out of it and pushed me into getting better and going to therapy and medication and things and I was doing the same for her. We seemed like good for each other as people. Then things get complicated as they always do when romance gets involved. I admitted to her that I liked her she told me she didn't feel the same way and that was fine with me and we just continued on being friends and everything was normal. Then she got a boyfriend and a couple months into their relationship she called me during a panic attack and admitted that she had feelings for me now. We talked about it more and she said she liked me and this guy both a lot and she was confused but she wanted to stay with him. It was a lot harder for me dealing with her being in a relationship knowing she had feelings for me as well. We just went together so well when we hung out and one day after a month of not seeing each other she balled her eyes out when she got to see me again and then cried someone when I fully told her what she meant to me so I guess I don't know I really felt she cared. She also helped me get into this amazing 3 month program in Hawaii. When I left for it she made sure I knew that it'd be the same when I got back and she'd always care. A month into this program she broke up with her boyfriend, we talked about what might happen when I got back and we agreed that if we're both still single in the two months later we'd start going out but until then we wouldn't make any commitments, but then about a month later she got a new boyfriend without ever mentioning it to me. I didn't find out until a week after they'd been dating and that hurt a lot but we still really cared about each other so I decided to power through it. Fast forward another month and I'm home we start talking like normal again but she tells me that things have changed and while their will always be a place for me in her life it's a bit smaller and it's changed now. That hurt me but I was just thankful to still have her in my life. A week after that she just straight up out of the blue stopped talking to me. No explantion or anything, she just stopped. A week after I texted her saying all I want is an explanation of why and she just said things changed and if didn't have a place in her life at all anymore. Sorry this was pretty badly written, I write like a 7th grader. But yeah I went from her best friend to a nobody in her life.

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