[Serious] Redditors who are 30-60 and working in minimum wage jobs, how do you feel about the way your life has gone?

So you are telling me, learning to cook food, run a cash register, deal with customer orders and support, manage employees, and work with a high efficiency doesn't involve any skills?

Technically, its called low-skilled work. And yes, all of that is very low-skilled (except management). If it only takes a day to train a new employee, then there is not a lot of cost to replacing employees. There is a reason that no one has ever successfully organised low-skill workers.

BTW, I work in a support call center. :) If you don't have 5 years experience with the technology, and the right demeanor, there is no way you would even get an interview. I have over 20 years experience, btw.

You are fucking in the head.

Um, no?

A skill is nothing but education.

No, it is a combination of learning, practice, and demonstrated expertise. I know a plumber who was a high-school drop-out who makes 6 figures every year. It would take me years of specialty training and experience to do any of what he does.

You are so dumb.

Not the most compelling argument. By the way, I have a Degree in Economics. Do you?

Minimum wage was always supposed to be a living wage,

No, it never was. Minimum wage was intended only for short term, or youth employment. It was never meant to live off of. Just as McD jobs were never intended to be the sole income for a family.

Human labor is the most efficient it has ever been, yet the minimum wage is the lowest.

No, that is demonstrably untrue. US unskilled labour is not at all efficient, which is one reason why illegal immigrants find jobs, even with high unemployment.

You seem to think that wages should be linked somehow to effort. It doesn't work that way (although Marx tried to make that work.) What you are paid is based on what your labour is worth to someone else. You could spend years learning to be a Feminist Historian, and find that the value of labour in that field is very low, as there is little demand for it.

Really, take an econ class. Even Marxist Economics (one of my favorite classes).

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