[Serious] Some people say you'll learn nothing from video games and that they are a waste of time. So, gamers of reddit, what are some things you've learned from a video game that you never would have otherwise?

A bit late, but I got some stuff to offer.
From hitting high ranks multiple video games, peaking with top 500 in Overwatch, I learned just how easily people could become dicks and assholes with an ego boost. This helped me realize who I should be around and how critical kindness is in life. This is also relevant to fame corrupting people to some extent. I've met and played with many streamers, including XQC, and have seen just how toxic and full of themselves outside of streaming they can be. Really showed me how fame and power isn't the solution to your life and lack of happiness, instead aim for doing the things you love while staying healthy both physically and mentally.

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