[Serious]What do the people closest to you not know about you?

My friends probably look at me as a guy who has had a lot of shit goes his way.

I'm the one with a decent job, a house, a pretty girlfriend. I'm the one who has had success early in life. I get that people can look at me this way, but they don't see the mountains of shit that lead me into this life.

For all my success, there have been tremendous failures. That beautiful girl I love gave me an STD, that comfy job I'm now holding came after I was rejected by over a hundred others, several of which let me in for interviews and serious levels of false hope. For the Jobs I had held before this current one, I was stuck working in miserable and unsafe conditions. I've dealt with panic attacks and anxiety. I've shit blood from time to time, I've even had an organ removed.

So yes, I might be in my mid twenties, and I might have a house and a decent job. I might have a pretty girlfriend, and a positive networth: I might seem ahead of the game, but I haven't gotten here by some blessed godsend. There has been good with the bad, I just tried my best to learn from it and avoid repetition.

I put myself out there, failed, and failed and failed in silence- but you're only going to see the positive results from the outside looking in.

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