[Serious] What was the saddest experience in your life, and what tips do you have as to overcoming it/getting over it?

this will sound cliche but my first breakup

i had an abusive ex who ruined my self-esteem and i left the relationship feeling extremely insecure, vulnerable, hurt, and empty.

i did things to get over him such as going on tinder and going on dates with a lot of guys hoping they could fix my broken heart. i deleted almost all of my social media and still haven't gotten it back since then. i didn't eat or sleep for weeks. i did things that were unlike myself and lost 15 pounds within a few weeks because i neglected myself completely.

eventually, things became more bearable with time. as the days went on without him, i stopped waiting for him to message me, i stopped waiting for him to come back into my life, and i began to live for myself. i worked on getting my life back together. i stopped filling my life with guys who didn't care for me because i have to reach happiness from within me if i want to be truly happy. at this point, i'm still not ready to be in another relationship but that's okay because i want to work on myself first.

as for getting over a breakup: there's no set amount of time that determines when you should get over a break up. everyone is different, and it's okay if it takes you weeks, months, even years to move on. don't force yourself to move on otherwise the more they'll become part of your life. with things that remind you of them, there's nothing you can really do. you just have to wait for them to become less prominent or overwrite the memories by yourself or with others. live for yourself and don't live for others. do things that you enjoy and reconnect with old friends you haven't caught up with in a while. and take care of yourself.

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