[serious] What is the saddest thing that you've experienced in your life?

Kind of second hand one but its intense. Was talking to my dad when he got a series of calls from his friend where he called originally saying he was gonna leave work quickly to take care of a family thing, then another call saying hes worried about his son leaving him strange messages. Then another panicking that he cant find him and noones seen him. During this call, he finds his car and even sighs relief that hes just sitting there.

Pretty sure you can guess where this is going, on the phone he goes to confront him and apparently "FUCK [name] he killed himself hes dead hes dead (breaks into sobbing and throws the phone)". All i experienced of it was my dad telling him to please not hang up, no dont hang up, (hes a cop so being alone with a gun was a concern). I dont really know the guy but god thats a rough one

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