Should I (25F) be concerned about my male neighbor, or am I being paranoid?

howdy, if you do decide the gun route (which isn’t a bad route)

make sure to read your state laws, a lot of the times you can incapacitate someone without firing a single shot (super bright lights on guns can really fuck someone up) and they’re a pretty good stand down signal to the intruder

The skill set for home defense shooting is pretty low, especially if you take a class with live fire. An AR-15 is incredibly easy to aim and shoot, especially with the weight distribution it makes the recoil less felt and optimal for women. Pistols tend to have a higher skill cliff, but of course a standard for home defense. Shotguns are actually an extremely solid option. You generally don’t have to aim too hard and will really take someone down. They’re also the easiest to acquire legally

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