Skrillex says composing Kingdom Hearts 3’s theme ‘was like a dream’

I think my problem with the song is that as much Sanctuary and Simple & Much are different they have this same type of tone and type of emotional feeling where the dubstep in the song doesn't give me that emotional connection as strong, felt almost like some fan made video. something about the first two songs feel timeless, and with this one as much I don't find it THAT BAD right now I feel the song won't age as well as the other two. and I understand Simple & Clean was from a EDM remix apparently but the song itself doesn't sound EDM. Skrillex's song however feels very modern of its time instead of timeless and I feel the dubstep isn't the genre of a KH intro, has to be more softer, more dramatic, longer instrumental song where you feel each emotion strong to then hear a angelic voice. not those dubstep sounds. I almost feel the song in general would have been way better if it sound less dubstep and more Kingdom Heart.

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